Paul Bertolino was born in Setauket, NY, about an hour east of New York City. Since childhood, Paul has been an avid storyteller and creator. At the age of 7, his father introduced him to the world of moving images when he gave Paul his old VHS camcorder. Since then, Paul has been fascinated with creating stories through the manipulation of light and lens. 

Paul attended RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN and received his BFA in Film/Animation/Video. At RISD, Paul's passions became technically backed, and he began to develop an arsenal of skills in both the realms of 16mm film and video, alongside RISD’s traditional fine arts education.

Since then, Paul has been actively working on projects that allow him to further develop his creative style while challenging him technically and narratively. Paul is particularly interested in the way in which cinematography interacts with the human psyche and has excelled in darker, dramatic narratives, though he has worked on several comedies, music videos, and promotional videos as well. His work has been screened internationally and he has received several nominations and awards for Best Cinematography.

For Paul, the visual storytelling of cinematography allows for an audience to be fully emerged and dedicated to a narrative. It is through cinematography that a viewer transcends the surface level of dialogue and delves into the visual language of art. Without the play of light and shadows, a character's motive falls flat. Without cinematography, a film does not exist. 

Paul is currently based in West Hollywood, CA and is available for work in the realm of cinematography, photography, art, and design.


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